Nonstop Promotional Offers from the Top and Most Popular Online Slot Betting Website in Malaysia

Betting gets better when there are bonuses to keep it up. Are you looking for a site in Malaysia with the best deals? Get Nonstop Promotional Offers from the Top and Most Popular Online Slot Betting Website in Malaysia Let’s learn more about the details by checking the lists below:

Nonstop Promotional Offers from the Top and Most Popular Online Slot Betting Website in Malaysia

Lucky Draw 2017

Lucky draw can be attended by every member and it doesn’t have any limit on the game to play on. As long a member deposited in MYR, they are included in the lucky draw. It has started since April 27th, 2017. Interestingly, the jackpot will continuously rise until ruffle time.

Extra Bonus 200%

This extra bonus just started since November 1st, 2017. It is special because each 100 MYR will get 200 MYR bonuses. The maximum bonus is 700 MYR – that means the maximum deposit is 350 MYR. However to actually get it, players have to get 20 turnovers on sportsbook on live betting. This promo doesn’t work on slot games, and getting turnover on slots will not be counted. If applied members can achieve those turnovers before and at the deadline, the first deposit and bonus (which is 300 MYR in total) will be multiplied 20 times. That means a 6000 MYR reward. What a bargain!

Welcome Bonus

This bonus is exclusively available for new members. There are two types of welcome bonus:

  • Welcome Bonus 20%

This bonus has the same requirements as Extra Bonus 200%; non-slot game only and there is turnovers to achieve in a deadline. However, there is only 300 MYR bonus maximum (which means the deposit limit is 1500 MYR.) The turnover required is eight. The deadline is due in 30 days after applying and both deposit and bonus will be multiplied to eight times.

  • Welcome Bonus 10%

It also has the same requirements, but it’s only available for slot games beside Playtech instead. The deposit limit is 15000 MYR and the maximum bonus is 1500 MYR. The due date is also 30 days. The turnover required is four. If a member can get it within the deadline, their deposit and bonuses will be multiplied four times.


There are several types of reload promo:

  • VIP

This promo is exclusive to VIP members only. They will get 5% to three times their deposit depending on their VIP class. This reload is only available on 15 providers.

  • Daily

With maximum bonus 30 MYR, all members will get 5% reload as long they get three turnovers. This promo is only available on 15 providers.

  • Reload and Reward Points

This promo multiply slot deposits every Monday to 0.9%. As an extra, there is 0.1% reward every turnover. Plus, big wins in slot game can have gigantic pay out up to 300.000 MYR.

Not only monthly, there are weekly and seasonal bonuses. These promotional offers are always updated with a new one after the other ends. Join as a member in and claim each and every of the nonstop promotional offers from the top and most popular online slot betting website in Malaysia!

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