Feel the Thrill by Playing House of Fun Slot Game

Online betting is versatile and flexible, but some have questionable quality. Do you have such issue? Get ready to Feel the Thrill by Playing House of Fun Slot Game. This game will entice you will great graphics and surprising bonuses. Get to know the details below:

Feel the Thrill by Playing House of Fun Slot Game

Stunning 3D Experience

All version of this game have great 3D graphics and animation. Not only graphics, the sound effects and music background gave such a nice touch up for its performance. The slot icons are inspired by Lewis Carol’s Alice in Wonderland – there are characters drawn with horror vibe that gives plus points on the theme. Cheshire the cat took appearance in it, and his grins may look scarier than usual. Beside Alice in Wonderland, the teenagers and the dog beside the reel seems to take inspiration from Hanna-Barbera’s Scooby Doo, shrieking and screaming in every spin with quality voice acting.

Horror Movie Vibe

It is obvious that this game takes on horror vibe. Setting in a haunted house, House of Fun is certainly successful in using its contents in the theme. There is a bonus feature that is really fitting to the theme. It goes by jack in the box symbol in the slot. The effects will surely surprise every player out there. After appearing and spring out from the box, the game will present a bonus round. In this bonus round players have to choose the right doors to help the teens escape. By succeeding their escape trip, they will be free from the room and the player will get the bonus. It is interactive and full of animations.

General Gameplay

This game has the standard five reels and 30 pay lines setting. Players can adjust their bet money and pay line, with five coins as the lowest limit of bet. There are free spins and two bonus rounds available throughout a game session. It has the same gameplay rites as normal slot games does. However, the 3D graphics, animations, and interactive gameplay makes it shines than other games. The game is not free, but paying is worth the experience.

Facebook, Betsoft, or Mobile Game?

Don’t be confused, there are many versions of this game. Initially, their theme, gameplay, and designs are similar. The difference is on the platforms. This game can be played on Facebook, several slot providers, and mobile apps on Android and iOS. Betsoft have released a version of this game, and therefore the versions that can be played on slot providers are probably made by Betsoft. It doesn’t matter which version you play though, the quality is just about the same and definitely won’t disappoint you. However, there may be some difference in coin prices.

Not only great graphics, there are lots of variations of gameplay. The game design is solid in both program and graphics. The bonuses are also makes this game worth it to play. Certainly, you will feel the thrill by playing House of Fun slot game. Pick your platform and play House of Fun tonight!

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