How Chinese Fan Tan Game Played?

If you are new to the betting game, you might be wondering what Chinese Fan Tan is. Basically like its name, Chinese Fan Tan is a betting game played by Chinese people, but nowadays it is widely played online by people around the world. Then, How Chinese Fan Tan Game Played? Here it is:

How Chinese Fan Tan Game Played?

Playing this Chinese Fan Tan is actually quite easy as long as the players refer to the guidelines. This game is played using cards and the winner of this game is the one who gets rid all of his cards. Moreover, there are some terms to be understood by players, such as fan, nim, kwok, nga, and shehsamhong.

The dealer of this game is determined in some ways, but the common way is requiring the players to take a seat at the table and one player distributes the cards in a left to right rotation to each player, the one who gets the Jack card of any suit becomes the dealer of the first game.

The dealer’s job here is to shuffle the cards and distribute one card at a time to each player in the clockwise rotation. The cards here are placed face down and the dealer should distribute all cards in a pack. It results to the uneven amount of cards that the players possess, if they have less cards of the other players, they should place an additional chip to the pile. Before the game starts, the players should add a chip to the pile.

The game will be started from the player from the left side of the dealer. The game will be played in turns in a clockwise rotation. If you win this game, you will get the chips from the pile including the penalty chips from other current players.

This Chinese Fan Tan has a table with 4 rows of cards in it. Any of the 7 cards will be placed in the middle row and the higher cards will be placed on the left row of the 7 cards. The row in the right is for 6 cards, and the 5 cards and lower cards are piled above the 6 cards. The left row of the 7 cards is for the 8 cards, and the higher cards will be piled above the 8 cards.

Another thing to consider is the bets itself. As a bettor, you need to know between fan, nim, kwok, nga, and shehsamhong. In general, you need to bet based on the number of outcomes like for example fan requires you to bet one out of 4 and so on. By choosing one of these bets, you will test your luck and for every winning, you need to pay the house 5% for commission.

For the beginner, it is important to know how Chinese Fan Tan game played so that heavy loss can be avoided. The important thing to know is the strategy itself, like the ability to stop other players’ cards but not your own cards. To master this Chinese Fan Tan game, you need to practice a lot so you will be able to calculate your winning.

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