Be Amazed and Earn a Lot of Profits by Playing Alkemor’s Tower Slot game

Slot games offer you with various type of game that you can play. One of them is the video slot or mostly known as multiple reel slots. Alkemor’s tower is in this type of slot and you need to prepare to Be Amazed and Earn a Lot of Profits by Playing Alkemor’s Tower Slot game.

Be Amazed and Earn a Lot of Profits by Playing Alkemor’s Tower Slot game

Alkemor’s tower is a video slot from Belsoft Software. It has 243 paylines and since it is a video slot, it has 5 reels slots. It is occupied with animated effects and amazing graphics which let you to enter a magical world with numerous characters and symbols. You will be given numerous bonus features, such as multiple free spins, 4 element spells, and scatters.

Before playing it, you need to choose the coin size from $0.02 to $1. To win the prize, you need to hit 3 or more symbols on the reels. By playing it, you will be taken into the magical Alkemor’s house with staircases on both sides. There are several bet options below the reels with Alkemor inside it and he seems very hectic with the reel. Alkemor will perform magic with various actions if the bonus or combinations are activated.

There are 4 element spells for this bonus and each of them has different payout. The spell book will be appeared on reel 1 and 2, while reel 3 will include one of the elements, such as water, fire, earth, and wind. Both of the spell books on reel 1 and 2 are needed along with one element in reel 3 to give the player a free spin bonus. The free spin bonus has at least 15 free games with the new reel set and additional features.

The bonuses that appear are based on the third reel whether it is water, fire, earth, or wind element. The water element will affect the second through the fourth and they will go wild. The previous spell books will change into random cards with standard symbols that allow you to win the game. Then, the first reel is also turned into a random symbol.

Then, the earth element will change the reel 2 to 5 into wilds with earthquake and meteor summoned by Alkemor. New symbols will replace the standard symbols for forming new combinations. If you are lucky, you will get a good cash prize.

While for the air element, it lets the spell book and elements in reel 2 to 5 will be hit by tornado to blown away and they will be replaced by new symbols. Then, the fire element, the symbols will be burned by fire and they will turn the reel 2 to 5 into wilds. This fire element will also add the same number of spell books which trigger the feature.

Those additional elements on this game make the betting more interesting. The theme and also the concept bring more excitement to the players, the payout is also legit and a lot. Therefore you will be amazed and earn a lot of profits by playing Alkemor’s tower slot game.

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